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masterres: Create Funding.ymlEberhard Gräther14 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-11-18res: Create Funding.ymlHEADmasterEberhard Gräther
2019-11-18data: added clang format rulesmlangkabel
2019-11-18src: applied clang-formatmlangkabel
2019-11-18data: updated Readmemlangkabel
2019-11-18res: Changelog for release 2019.4Eberhard Graether
2019-11-18ui: Show Sourcetrail license on top in licenses windowEberhard Graether
2019-11-18src: fixed build issuesmlangkabel
2019-11-17src: Removed backwards compatibility to Coati (.coatiproject, .coatidb)Eberhard Graether
2019-11-17ui: Added GitHub and Patreon buttons to start windowEberhard Graether
2019-11-17build: Revised macOS bundle generation script and info (issue #730)Eberhard Graether