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* Groups can be scaled and rotated. This limited support for object
transformations can only be exploited with a limited number of
renderers, but SVG, PNG, PDF (via cairo), WMF (win32 only) and
- plain SVG are fully supporting transofrmations. (bgo#59880, bgo#100886)
+ plain SVG are fully supporting transformations. (bgo#59880, bgo#100886)
* object meta info possible since 0.97 finally got an editor
(see: Object Properties). Meta info can be used for
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- can search for object name by simply typing it
- multiple selection (works across layers!)
- allows to transfer the selection to the diagram
- - sortable by name or typenn
+ - sortable by name or typename
- tooltips showing more detailed information about the objects at hand
* new object "Diagram as Element" allows to embbed diagrams