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mention new file dialog
2005-06-18 Hans Breuer <> * NEWS : mention new file dialog [plugged remaining leaks from bug #142669] * lib/prop_attr.c(fontprop_free) : not only unref the font but free the property itself, too. * app/diagram_tree.c(create_diagram_children): remember the original list start to not only free the last element * lib/prop_sdarray.c:64: warning: `arrayprop_free' defined but not used. Here it meant a potentially huge leak.
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with paramaters (DARRAY, StdProp). This potentially allows
to write round-trip engineering plug-ins (UML+Python)
-* Many plug-ins now create locale independent output
+* Many plug-ins now correctly create locale independent output
* The SVG import got improved (still far from complete
coverage, which isn't feasible for Dia anyway)
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* Experimental libgnomeprint usage again
+* Finally using the new Gtk+ File Dialog
* Full Screen Mode
* Still experimental Cairo plug-in