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updated russian translation from Valek Filippov.DIA_0_83
1999-12-24 James Henstridge <> * po/ru.po: updated russian translation from Valek Filippov. * app/render_svg.c (new_svg_renderer): make output use 19991203 version of SVG DTD. Use viewBox to set the extents of the view. * INSTALL (FONTS): updated locations of gnome-xml and imlib. List as the download. * TODO (TODO): weeded out completed todo items and added a few extra. * (EXTRA_DIST): added documentation to EXTRA_DIST. * doc/sheet.dtd: first stab at a DTD for the sheet files. It would be good to get rid of the object/shape distinction and separate the custom shape code out from the main application. * objects/custom/README, diagram.dtd: moved to new doc directory. Renamed the custom shapes README to custom-shapes. Also updated custom shape docs a bit and removed the section on sheet files, as that has changed a bit. * plug-ins/cgm/cgm.c (draw_image): give an error if the row length of the image data is larger than the maximum cell array. I should add code to break scan lines down further in this case, but for now an error message is better than an infinite loop. * app/filedlg.c (file_export_ok_callback): show a dialog if we couldn't determine the export filter to use.
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-* Option for turning on/off showing of connection points.
* When creating an object and moving the mouse to resize it. Warp the
pointer to the handle that is being moved.
@@ -32,12 +30,8 @@ TODO:
* resizable groups.
-* Turn on/off showing of connectionpoints
* auto-save backup files
-* Add bezier line object.
* Add more network objects
* render_object: better distance_from that can be specified by the
@@ -56,7 +50,19 @@ TODO:
* Add some kind of 'plug-in api' so that libraries like uml can add new
functions to the menus (like: load UMX or export SQL ). This is the
reason that DiagramData was broken out of Diagram and moved to
- lib/diagramdata.h.
+ lib/diagramdata.h.
+ [ this has partly been done with the export filters interface. More
+ to come with adding menu items and such -- James. ]
+* Implement guides. Probably swipe the guide implementation from
+ gimp-1.1.
+* Change the way plugins are registered. As we get more plugins, the
+ user will probably want a bit more control over what is and isn't
+ loaded. If we are going to do an interface for this, we really need
+ some way for plugins to describe what they do (ie. a short description
+ and a plugin name to show in a dialog box).
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