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Internal cleanups, here is the changelog entry:
1998-11-08 Alexander Larsson <> * app/connectionpoint_ops.c: * app/commands.c: * app/disp_callbacks.c: * app/display.[ch]: * app/grid.c: * app/handle_ops.c: * app/magnify.c: * app/modify_tool.c: * app/render_gdk.[ch]: * lib/render.h: Huge cleanup of internal rendering system. Moved a lot of data (pixmap, width, height & gc) into the GdkRenderer. This gives a few new methods for Interactive Renderers for setting clipping regions and drawing pixel based lines and rects. Updated the rest of the code to use the new stuff. * app/render_eps.c: Fixed warning. * lib/widgets.c: * objects/standard/zigzagline.c Fixed unused variable warnings. * lib/font.c: Fixedbug with stringwidth where width==0. * TODO: Added known bug.
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+* selecting with rubberband and draggin mouse to other window with same diagram
+ gives ugly box left on screen.
* pressing '+' and '-' when a focus is activated it gets both to the focus and zooms.
* doesn't use latin-1 or some other well-known 8-bit encoding in eps_renderer