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minor files for win32 build and a finally fully working wmf plug-in
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+Simply unzip with it's directory structure
+into a directory of your choice. If you don't already
+have the GTK+ libraries, get them on the Dia Win32 website.
+Additional the are required. These
+are libraries which Dia depends on, but they aren't changed
+with every Dia version.
+The libraries have to be found by DIA, so put them in the same
+directory as DIA.EXE, please DON'T interchange them with the
+versions provided with The Gimp until you aren't *absolutely*
+positive about what you are doing.
+If you installed Dia as told above and on the website,
+most things shoud work mostly without problems.
+If not, please read and understand the following
+directory diagram before bothering me with questions
+about installation.
+<Directory of your choice, but avoid blanks>
++ dia (main directory, may be named
+ as you like as well)
+ + bin
+ dia.exe
+ libdia.dll
+ (additional libraries like libxml, libart, ...)
+ + dia (plug-in directory)
+ cgm.dl
+ chronogram.dll
+ (...)
+ (DON'T place *non* plug-in dlls here, or you'll get warnings
+ while the plug-ins are initialized)
+ + samples (guess what)
+ (...)
+ + shapes (shape description files for various plug-ins)
+ + Circuit
+ + (...)
+ + sheets (control files for various plug-ins)
+ + Er
+ + (...)
+ (...)
+--Hans Breuer <Hans Breuer.Org> \ No newline at end of file