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committerHans Breuer <>2004-07-04 16:05:28 +0000
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revert changing of Dia's XML namespace #define DIA_XML_NAME_SPACE_BASE
2004-07-04 Hans Breuer <> * lib/persistence.c app/load_save.c app/sheet_dialog_callbacks.c lib/object_defaults.c : revert changing of Dia's XML namespace * lib/dia_xml.h : #define DIA_XML_NAME_SPACE_BASE with a comment about its purpose and relation to real world urls. * lib/plug-ins.h : increment DIA_PLUGIN_API_VERSION and added comment about when to o so [Should have been long time ago and probably multiple times to avoid crashing on older plug-ins] * RELEASE-PROCESS : mention DIA_PLUGIN_API_VERSION * plug-ins/xslt/xslt.c : use DIA_PLUGIN_CHECK_INIT * lib/object.c objects/UML/class.c : there are still compilers not supporting C99 and other GCCISMs like allocating dynamic sized arrays on the stack * objects/UML/class.h : there is a differnce between a list pointer and a list pointer pointer. We and GLib want the former. * plug-ins/pixbuf/pixbuf.c : don't use app_is_interactive () to detect if Gtk is initialized. Using gdk_display_get_default () avoids the app/* dependency and is also closer to the requirements of the plug-ins working. * plug-ins/cairo/diacairo.c : initialize "unique name" field. Also some #ifdefed support for Cairo backends not public available yet. * plug-ins/wmf/wmf.cpp : finally do extended linestyles if the windoze platform supports them. This should fix bug #109818, at least for the majority running NT or above ... * plug-ins/wmf/wmf_gdi.[hc] : portability stuff for the above * objects/makefile.msc : build Istar, Jackson and Kaos * objects/UML/class.c(umlclass_load) : don't wrap by default to keep old diagrams as they were - instead of this nice new effect ;-) Also make "wrap_operations" PROP_TYPE_BOOL in PropDescriptions * objects/UML/class.c : mark for translation _("Wrap ... * objects/UML/class.c : more correct types, also some default properties dialog pages adjustment (triggering a bug in lib/prop_widgets.c ?;) * objects/UML/activity.c : removed a leftover from the use-localization-for-font-substitution-hack * shapes/ChemEng shapes/Cybernetic shapes/Map/Isometric : 'cvs admin -kb *.png' PNG files should already be *added* as binary, otherwise they are not readable on line-end-converting-platforms * plug-ins/python/use g_new0(Dia<Im|Ex>portFiler), avoids crashing filter_get_by_name() * plug-ins/python/pydia-property.c : some more g_warnings for not implemented conversions * plug-ins/python/ : ensure unique property values at the right place. Now something like : - load an old UML class diagram - change one of the classes to wrap operations - select all classes (/Select/Same Type) - /Dialogs/Group Properties : check wrap_operations, select '1' - Ok, works like a charm :-)
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diff --git a/lib/dia_xml.h b/lib/dia_xml.h
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--- a/lib/dia_xml.h
+++ b/lib/dia_xml.h
@@ -25,6 +25,19 @@
#include "diavar.h"
#include <libxml/tree.h>
+ * Though the Dia homepage is now
+ * Dia's xml namespace definition still needs to point to the
+ * original site. In fact the xml namespace definition has nothing to do
+ * with existing website, they just need to be unique to allow to
+ * differentiate between varying definitions. Changing the namespace
+ * from the old to the new site would strictly speaking break all
+ * older diagrams - although some tools may not take the actual
+ * key into account.
+ * See also : doc/diagram.dtd
+ */
DIAVAR int pretty_formated_xml;
typedef xmlNodePtr XML_NODE;