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authorHans Breuer <>2014-01-06 21:51:26 +0100
committerHans Breuer <>2014-01-19 12:49:16 +0100
commit347b3a0aa151e1ed432574709637e1d147b21ac1 (patch)
treeb46351fd8934bc70708db8a03b386df16e9f901f /lib/dia_xml.h
parent058ee6e00b5513380a139f4a27f92c5317548d5f (diff)
DiaContext* for data_add_*() and PropertyType_Save functions
Now save is on par with load again, i.e. both have a context available to bundled error messages instead of single message_*() calls. Also this allows other fancy stuff coming next;)
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1 files changed, 18 insertions, 17 deletions
diff --git a/lib/dia_xml.h b/lib/dia_xml.h
index 69e861a1..0205336a 100644
--- a/lib/dia_xml.h
+++ b/lib/dia_xml.h
@@ -86,31 +86,32 @@ DiaFont *data_font(DataNode data, DiaContext *ctx);
AttributeNode new_attribute(ObjectNode obj_node, const char *attrname);
AttributeNode composite_add_attribute(DataNode composite_node,
const char *attrname);
-void data_add_int(AttributeNode attr, int data);
-void data_add_enum(AttributeNode attr, int data);
-void data_add_real(AttributeNode attr, real data);
-void data_add_boolean(AttributeNode attr, int data);
-void data_add_color(AttributeNode attr, const Color *col);
-void data_add_point(AttributeNode attr, const Point *point);
-void data_add_bezpoint(AttributeNode attr, const BezPoint *point);
-void data_add_rectangle(AttributeNode attr, const Rectangle *rect);
-void data_add_string(AttributeNode attr, const char *str);
-void data_add_filename(AttributeNode attr, const char *str);
-void data_add_font(AttributeNode attr, const DiaFont *font);
+void data_add_int(AttributeNode attr, int data, DiaContext *ctx);
+void data_add_enum(AttributeNode attr, int data, DiaContext *ctx);
+void data_add_real(AttributeNode attr, real data, DiaContext *ctx);
+void data_add_boolean(AttributeNode attr, int data, DiaContext *ctx);
+void data_add_color(AttributeNode attr, const Color *col, DiaContext *ctx);
+void data_add_point(AttributeNode attr, const Point *point, DiaContext *ctx);
+void data_add_bezpoint(AttributeNode attr, const BezPoint *point, DiaContext *ctx);
+void data_add_rectangle(AttributeNode attr, const Rectangle *rect, DiaContext *ctx);
+void data_add_string(AttributeNode attr, const char *str, DiaContext *ctx);
+void data_add_filename(AttributeNode attr, const char *str, DiaContext *ctx);
+void data_add_font(AttributeNode attr, const DiaFont *font, DiaContext *ctx);
DataNode data_add_composite(AttributeNode attr,
- const char *type); /* can be NULL */
+ const char *type, /* can be NULL */
+ DiaContext *ctx);
GHashTable *data_dict (DataNode data, DiaContext *ctx);
-void data_add_dict (AttributeNode attr, GHashTable *data);
+void data_add_dict (AttributeNode attr, GHashTable *data, DiaContext *ctx);
-GdkPixbuf *data_pixbuf (DataNode data);
-void data_add_pixbuf (AttributeNode attr, GdkPixbuf *pixbuf);
+GdkPixbuf *data_pixbuf (DataNode data, DiaContext *ctx);
+void data_add_pixbuf (AttributeNode attr, GdkPixbuf *pixbuf, DiaContext *ctx);
DiaMatrix *data_matrix(DataNode data);
-void data_add_matrix(AttributeNode attr, DiaMatrix *matrix);
+void data_add_matrix(AttributeNode attr, DiaMatrix *matrix, DiaContext *ctx);
DiaPattern *data_pattern(DataNode data, DiaContext *ctx);
-void data_add_pattern(AttributeNode attr, DiaPattern *pat);
+void data_add_pattern(AttributeNode attr, DiaPattern *pat, DiaContext *ctx);
xmlDocPtr diaXmlParseFile(const char *filename, DiaContext *ctx, gboolean try_harder);