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authorCyrille Chepelov <>2001-08-13 07:24:47 +0000
committerCyrille Chepelov <>2001-08-13 07:24:47 +0000
commit642f0de6bfcb41bb331a9b0981c783577b559a49 (patch)
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split in a lot of pieces:
* lib/properties.[ch]: split in a lot of pieces: * lib/prop_*.[ch] (NEW): all property types are now first-class objects, inheriting from the original abstract Property type. * lib/propdesc.c (NEW): property description handling routines * lib/propoffsets.c (NEW): property offset handling routines * lib/proplist.c (NEW): property list handling routines * lib/propobject.c (NEW): property list <-> object routines * lib/propregistry.c (NEW): holds the PropertyType-->PropertyOps relations. * lib/propinternals.h: prototypes for stuff not usually needed by the outside of StdProps. * lib/ a lot of new files have been added... THE ABOVE CHANGES ARE MAJOR CHANGES AND AFFECT THE WHOLE TREE, IN BOTH INTERFACES AND RUN-TIME STABILITY. * lib/plug-ins.h: bumped up DIA_PLUGIN_API_VERSION * lib/object.h: removed the incestuous relationship with properties.h' contents. Now a Property list is a GPtrArray --> object interface change ! * app/app_procs.c/app_init(): removed a disabled call to a non-existent routine. Added a call to stdprops_init(). * objects/ disabled the construction of EML. I'm not touching these until a certain issue is solved (or this module removed). * app/group.c: * objects/**/*.c except objects/EML/*: adapted all stdprop-using objects to the interface changes. * app/disp_callbacks.c: killed a warning. * lib/dia_xml.[ch]: sprinkled "const" modifiers. * app/commands.c: The macros PROP_VALUE_* have disappeared. Adapted to using the new interface. * plug-ins/dxf/dxf-import.c: * plug-ins/xfig/xfig-import.c: PROP_VALUE_* macros have been removed. Converted to the new API. * plug-ins/python/**/*: I gave up converting this; I can't compile --with-python (problems with object.h defined both by us and by Python). I'll gladly help whomever cares to fix it ! (or, fix it myself if someone tells me how to compile it). * added the UNICODE-related progress defines. * * lib/geometry.h: On Solaris and perhaps other systems, finite() is defined in ieeefp.h rather than in math.h. Patch from Andrew Halper <> with further modifications, isinf() is provided by -lsunmath (sunmath.h). * lib/font.c: conditionally disabled Lars' debugging messages. Bracketed the definition of DiaFontFamily with #ifdef HAVE_FREETYPE.
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1 files changed, 7 insertions, 6 deletions
diff --git a/lib/dia_xml.h b/lib/dia_xml.h
index b1a15eae..f21946ce 100644
--- a/lib/dia_xml.h
+++ b/lib/dia_xml.h
@@ -71,12 +71,13 @@ void data_add_int(AttributeNode attr, int data);
void data_add_enum(AttributeNode attr, int data);
void data_add_real(AttributeNode attr, real data);
void data_add_boolean(AttributeNode attr, int data);
-void data_add_color(AttributeNode attr, Color *col);
-void data_add_point(AttributeNode attr, Point *point);
-void data_add_rectangle(AttributeNode attr, Rectangle *rect);
-void data_add_string(AttributeNode attr, char *str);
-void data_add_font(AttributeNode attr, DiaFont *font);
-DataNode data_add_composite(AttributeNode attr, char *type); /* can be NULL */
+void data_add_color(AttributeNode attr, const Color *col);
+void data_add_point(AttributeNode attr, const Point *point);
+void data_add_rectangle(AttributeNode attr, const Rectangle *rect);
+void data_add_string(AttributeNode attr, const char *str);
+void data_add_font(AttributeNode attr, const DiaFont *font);
+DataNode data_add_composite(AttributeNode attr,
+ const char *type); /* can be NULL */
#endif /* DIA_XML_H */