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authorHans Breuer <>2001-10-14 15:08:55 +0000
committerHans Breuer <>2001-10-14 15:08:55 +0000
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g_locale_to_utf8() does not handle NULL strings. Use g_strdup() for these.
2001-10-14 Hans Breuer <> * lib/charconv.c : g_locale_to_utf8() does not handle NULL strings. Use g_strdup() for these. libxml2 does not produce 'any extra indentation when saving a tree' [libxml2-2.4.2/doc/upgrade.html] anymore, which was the default with libxml(1). To get human readable XML some extra tweaking is required. It is enabled by setting 'pretty_formated_xml' to 'true' in 'diarc'. * lib/dia_xml.[hc] : provide and use 'DIAVAR pretty_formated_xml' * app/preferences.[ch] : initialize 'pretty_formated_xml' * lib/libdia.def : updated externals * lib/properties.h : add prototype for prop_list_from_single () * plug-ins/makefile.msc : build metapost plug-in * plug-ins/metapost/render_metapost.c : msvc does not like switch labels without operation 'default: }'. Added a noop. * plug-ins/python/pydia-text.[hc] : (new files) wrap DiaText * plug-ins/python/diamodule.c : added PyDiaText * plug-ins/python/makefile.msc : dito. Also added LIBXML_CFLAGS. Although the python plug-in does not use libxml at all, the headers are required to use the lib/prop*.h headers * plug-ins/python/pydia-diagramdata.c : added wrappers for update_extents and get_sorted_selected (should I duplicate more functions from PyDiaDiagram or should they be moved?) * plug-ins/python/pydia-properties.c : allow to set (some) properties through the dictionary api * plug-ins/python/pydia-property.h : declare PyDiaProperty_ApplyToObject * plug-ins/python/pydia-property.c : implement it (currently only string properties can be set) Reimplement PyDiaProperty_GetAttr by means of the new StdProp api. Quoting myself: 'Still not convinced that this is better than an integral property->type and some casting ... It is trading a straightforward 40 lines switch statement to this nice 'type safe' function mapping (about 125 lines)' (But now it works again, better than changing the News file :)
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diff --git a/lib/dia_xml.h b/lib/dia_xml.h
index 30ef5855..04e3e718 100644
--- a/lib/dia_xml.h
+++ b/lib/dia_xml.h
@@ -23,6 +23,9 @@
#include "color.h"
#include "font.h"
#include "charconv.h"
+#include "diavar.h"
+DIAVAR int pretty_formated_xml;
#ifdef __XML_TREE_H__
typedef xmlNodePtr XML_NODE;