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+Dia is a program for drawing structured diagrams.
+Dia is a GNU program, and is Free Software. See the COPYING file for
+the licence.
+Using Dia on Windoze
+Simply unzip with it's directory structure
+into a directory of your choice. If you don't already
+have the GTK+ libraries, get them at my web dia site
+They have to be found by DIA, so put them in the same dir as DIA.EXE,
+please DON'T interchange them with the versions provided with The Gimp.
+BTW: I'm currently *not* planning to provide a setup program. IHMO the
+ install process is such simple as a setup program would be simple
+ overkill.
+Homepage for dia is at:
+The Win32 port is available at:
+The mailing list of Dia is:
+(It is the place to ask questions about Dia in general and probably
+ even the fastest way to get answers concerning the Win32 port.
+ You don't need to be subscribed to mail to the list.)
+The source code is in gnome cvs.
+Dia Development on Win32
+Like Gimp for Win32 Dia is based on the Gtk+ libraries ported by
+Tor Lillquist. Some of the problems in Dia may be caused by bugs
+in these libraries, because they are on heavy development as
+For more information about the port or GLib, GTk+ and the GIMP to
+native Windows, and pre-built binary packages, see
+ or .
+The only compiler used for the Win32 is Microsoft Visual C (5.0).
+There are four hand written makefiles, which are available in cvs,
+too. Beside Gtk+ there are some additional libraries required
+(gdk-pixbuf, libxml, libart). They are all available in cvs but
+using them on Win32 required minimal changes. I'll try to provide
+developement version of the cuurently used versions on my website
+very soon.
+Compiling Dia (Win32)
+Currently only the Micro$oft VC 5.0 compiler is supported (VC 6.0 should
+-1) Create your build environment (normally based on tml's latest Gtk+
+ snapshot). Instead of asking me how to do this, you'll probably want
+ to join the gimpwin-dev mailing list (see:
+-0) Get additonal required libraries (libxml, gdk-pixbuf, libart, ...).
+ I'm planning to integrate my small patches to cvs, too. But this may take
+ some while, because they need to be conform with Gnome maintenance.
+1) Get the latest Dia sources from cvs.
+2) nmake -f makefile.msc in directories lib, app, objects, plug-ins
+3) If the build succeeded, fine. If not, fix the sources and send me patches
+ or use the binaries. Please don't bother me with beginners questions about
+ C, VC, makefiles, etc.. Because I'm doing the port in my free time, which
+ is generally limited.
+ Instead of answering beginners questions, you probably want me to use my
+ spare time, to build the latest, greatest Dia version.
+4) Copy the files to their directories (see binary package)
+Have Fun,
+ Hans Breuer <Hans@Breuer.Org>