AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2004-07-17Transferred from main branch.DIA_0_94_RELEASELars Clausen
2004-07-17Compiler fixesLars Clausen
2004-07-17Buncha patches from main trunkLars Clausen
2004-07-17Better samples, grid fix, multidefine fix, pl fix.Lars Clausen
2004-07-17Removed for binary addLars Clausen
2004-07-10Cairo #ifdefs, and DTD naming corrected (missing final /)Lars Clausen
2004-07-10Bunch of updates from Hans didn't get committed before.Lars Clausen
2004-07-07July 5 add for PunjabiAmanpreet Singh Alam
2004-07-06Updating Brazilian Portuguese translationsEstêvão Samuel Procópio
2004-07-05Updated Albanian translation.Laurent Dhima
2004-07-05Updated Czech translation.Miloslav Trmac
2004-07-04a bunch of changes to make Dia compile with -std=c89. Mostly //-commentsHans Breuer
2004-07-04added 24-Port-Patch-Panel fixes bug #136629, James McDonaldHans Breuer
2004-07-04revert changing of Dia's XML namespace #define DIA_XML_NAME_SPACE_BASEHans Breuer
2004-07-04Updated Czech translation.Miloslav Trmac
2004-07-04Added makefileDIA_0_94_PRE1Lars Clausen
2004-07-04NULL unref, console output.Lars Clausen
2004-07-02Updated Czech translation.Miloslav Trmac
2004-07-02Recommitted as binaryLars Clausen
2004-07-02Binarily addedLars Clausen
2004-07-02Removal for binary addLars Clausen
2004-07-02Binary additionLars Clausen
2004-07-02Addition (much delayed)Lars Clausen
2004-07-02Removed for adding binarilyLars Clausen
2004-07-02Chemical Engineering, $@, cairo filter fix.Lars Clausen
2004-07-02GDK-based renderer only in interactive apps.Lars Clausen
2004-07-01Hex grid!Lars Clausen
2004-07-01Homepage links fixLars Clausen
2004-07-01Null string fixesLars Clausen
2004-07-01Updating Brazilian Portuguese TranslationEstêvão Samuel Procópio
2004-07-01Here's the change.Lars Clausen
2004-07-01Rounded single arcs.Lars Clausen
2004-06-30CVS ignores, and use of rounded SADT lines.Lars Clausen
2004-06-30Updated en_GB translations from David Lodge <>Gareth Owen
2004-06-29BB UML assoc, rounded polys.Lars Clausen
2004-06-28Translation updated.Laurent Dhima
2004-06-26Font issuesLars Clausen
2004-06-24Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation done by Afonso Celso MedinaGustavo Maciel Dias Vieira
2004-06-23Stability, sinking.Lars Clausen
2004-06-23Updated Czech translation.Miloslav Trmac
2004-06-22RE resize issues, null check in filedlg, recreate prop dialog.Lars Clausen
2004-06-22Patch from kimmidi for #118313Lars Clausen
2004-06-22New entriesLars Clausen
2004-06-20Updated British English translationGareth Owen
2004-06-17Makefile fixesLars Clausen
2004-06-17Removed ref to missing pl file, related dialog patchLars Clausen
2004-06-17Updated Canadian English translation.Adam Weinberger
2004-06-17Additions from Christophe PonsardLars Clausen
2004-06-14Updated Czech translation.Miloslav Trmac
2004-06-12Units, strcmp, patches.Lars Clausen