AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-10-07[merged from trunk] wrap PaperInfo and ... .. use it to scale the htmldia-0-95Hans Breuer
2007-02-18[merged from trunk] moved diagram only stuff from diagram_load_into() toHans Breuer
2007-01-28use version from trunk to get rid of deprecated/unstable APIsHans Breuer
2007-01-27[as done on trunk 2007-01-02] *.msc, *.win32, HACKING, *.nsh, *.am, *.xbm,Hans Breuer
2006-05-260.95-1 release: Security fixes, ungroup, ...DIA_0_95_1Lars Clausen
2006-05-21restrict every page margin to a little less than half of the page. ThisHans Breuer
2006-05-14fix the date, it was 2006-05-13Hans Breuer
2006-05-13add "query" to umloperation_offsets. Patch from Peter Allin, fixes bugHans Breuer
2006-05-13operate on a copy of data-Selected cause the original is modified duringHans Breuer
2006-04-19Fix of conflict remainsDIA_0_95Lars Clausen
2006-04-19Final release 0.95Lars Clausen
2006-04-17Remove obsolete entry for no_NO And the translation.Kjartan Maraas
2006-04-17Updated Finnish translationIlkka Tuohela
2006-04-13Updated Spanish translationFrancisco Javier F. Serrador
2006-04-12pre9, xgettextDIA_0_95_PRE9Lars Clausen
2006-04-09Updated Greek translation by Menelaos Maglis <>Kostas Papadimas
2006-04-04Added check for outdated libgtk dll; closes bug #335477Steffen Macke
2006-04-03pre8Lars Clausen
2006-04-03xfig import text placement, better GTK check.Lars Clausen
2006-04-03Added french installer locale. Patch from Yannick Le NySteffen Macke
2006-04-02"DOCTYPE book" closes bug #142098, Roland StiggeHans Breuer
2006-03-29Use standard pkg-config expressions to check for GTK+/Glib, theDaniel Drake
2006-03-28pre7DIA_0_95_PRE7Lars Clausen
2006-03-25Updated Brazilian Portuguese translationRaphael Higino
2006-03-23use original fontname and fallback 'sans' to render the font menu. ThusHans Breuer
2006-03-22pre6 commit, just a day late:)DIA_0_95_PRE6Lars Clausen
2006-03-19unset transient, still issues with transient handling, see bug #332828Hans Breuer
2006-03-14vi.po: Updated Vietnamese translation.Clytie Siddall
2006-03-12UML fixes, autogaps, security fixes, dia.spec move...DIA_0_95_PRE5Lars Clausen
2006-03-11German translation updateJens Seidel
2006-03-09don't uninstall old version; overwrite existing filesSteffen Macke
2006-03-08Making sure that the installer sources are included in the dia sourceSteffen Macke
2006-03-08Updates for pre4.DIA_0_95_PRE4Lars Clausen
2006-03-08Fixed localization bug #1438988Steffen Macke
2006-03-06TeX char fixing with actual tests.Lars Clausen
2006-03-05Couple small fixes and removal of debug output.Lars Clausen
2006-03-04Updated Brazilian Portuguese translationRaphael Higino
2006-03-04Updated Japanese translation based on tranlated by Satoru SATOHTakeshi AIHANA
2006-03-03Hungarian translation updated.Gabor Kelemen
2006-03-02Updated Norwegian bokmål translation. Same.Kjartan Maraas
2006-02-26define DIA_PYTHON_PATH in app/ if set use it to findHans Breuer
2006-02-26pre3 updatesDIA_0_95_PRE3Lars Clausen
2006-02-26I18n fix for sheet names, element width/height setting turned off.Lars Clausen
2006-02-25be more tolerant about localization of the sheet name. ( Steffen Macke,Hans Breuer
2006-02-24if GDK_WINDOWING_WIN32 call gtk_init() in any case. In contrast toHans Breuer
2006-02-22Update to pre2DIA_0_95_PRE2Lars Clausen
2006-02-20Removed conflict indicators.Lars Clausen
2006-02-20.cvsignore improvementsLars Clausen
2006-02-20Almost fixes bug #331372Lars Clausen
2006-02-20Updated Basque translation.Inaki Larranaga