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2003-07-13New files parent.[ch]Lars Clausen
2002-08-27 Patch from Andrew Ferrier <>:Cyrille Chepelov
2002-08-26revived that file (in a placeholder form) so that automake stops yelling.Cyrille Chepelov
2002-07-12Removed autogenerated file and added Changelog entry.Lars Clausen
2002-06-30Added Alan Horkan.Cyrille Chepelov
2002-06-25(added Xing Wang)Cyrille Chepelov
2002-06-24added contributors, updated maintainers. Removed the specific areas ofCyrille Chepelov
2002-06-24using dia_font_new_from_style()Cyrille Chepelov
2002-05-13added M.C. Nelson to the AuthorsSteffen Macke
2002-01-26updated with the recent additionsCyrille Chepelov
2002-01-26converted from xml-i18n-tools to intltoolsCyrille Chepelov
2002-01-18use gdk_fontset_load (). if it failed, should be used gdk_font_load ().Akira TAGOH
2001-08-27added ellipsis(...) to diagram properties menu item. diagram propertiesCyrille Chepelov
2001-05-20.Cyrille Chepelov
2001-05-17Added HubertCyrille Chepelov
2000-08-01add Hans to about dialog.James Henstridge
2000-05-16added a status message to the end of the configure script to give the userJames Henstridge
2000-05-09added Henk and Jacek to authors file.James Henstridge
2000-01-23My ISP's domain has changed.Cyrille Chepelov
1999-12-07added Lars and Cyrille to the authors file.James Henstridge
1999-11-30James Henstridge <> is now the maintainer of Dia.Alexander Larsson
1999-10-12added new shapes to sheet.James Henstridge
1998-11-30AUTHORS and ChangeLog update.Alexander Larsson
1998-08-31Initial revisionAlexander Larsson