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2003-11-17Small fixes.Lars Clausen
2002-08-27 Patch from Andrew Ferrier <>:Cyrille Chepelov
2001-06-06added a big warning about the possible future non-optionality ofCyrille Chepelov
1999-12-24updated russian translation from Valek Filippov.DIA_0_83James Henstridge
1999-10-26Don't crash on zero-size (broken) bezier curves. Different sort of fix.Alexander Larsson
1999-10-16Updated version number to 0.80.Alexander Larsson
1999-10-14Added bug: Entering an erronous command as print command crashes dia.Alexander Larsson
1999-09-02removed a few todo items that have been implemented.James Henstridge
1999-06-14Added resizeable groups.Alexander Larsson
1999-04-08Added dialog to allow move text outside the ellipse.Alejandro Aguilar Sierra
1999-03-28Use a scalable font before fixed when real font not found.Alexander Larsson
1999-03-19UpdatedAlexander Larsson
1999-03-09Update extents when saving and exporting to postscript. Fixes a bug withAlexander Larsson
1999-02-28Some updates to the todo file.Alexander Larsson
1999-02-06Network printer object added.Alexander Larsson
1999-02-01Added new UML objects.Alexander Larsson
1999-01-27Commented out buggy code.Alexander Larsson
1999-01-21Added versioning of libraries.Alexander Larsson
1999-01-16Added samples directory with UML and ER samples.Alexander Larsson
1999-01-16Fixed menu shortcut bug.Alexander Larsson
1999-01-15Fix argument parsing.Alexander Larsson
1999-01-14Lots of cleanup and bugfixes.Alexander Larsson
1999-01-12Code cleanups, compressed xml files, object alignment, fixes to layers.Alexander Larsson
1998-12-17Added layer system. Far from finished, but works.Alexander Larsson
1998-12-06Updated all code to use Gtk 1.1.5.Alexander Larsson
1998-12-05Removed files.c, files.h and all references to them. Binary files are OUT!Alexander Larsson
1998-12-02Major change. Diagrams are now saved in XML.Alexander Larsson
1998-11-25Updated TODO file. More to do... no time to play :)Alexander Larsson
1998-11-08Internal cleanups, here is the changelog entry:Alexander Larsson
1998-11-02Added support for setting the displayed font in the font-selector widget.Alexander Larsson
1998-09-11Removed finished things from TODO.Alexander Larsson
1998-08-31Initial revisionAlexander Larsson