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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-07-21[warningectomy] hide some msvc warningsHans Breuer
2009-05-24Mark as trunk version, require gtk+-2-12Hans Breuer
2009-05-03Update for 0.97 finalDIA_0_97_0DIA_0_97Hans Breuer
2009-04-11patch from Arunan Balasubramaniam, bug #573921 to to reduce wakeups preferHans Breuer
2009-03-08removed some cruft from lixml1 days while investigating bug #570592Hans Breuer
2009-02-15dia-0.97-pre2Hans Breuer
2009-02-15release of dia-0.97-pre1, finally updatedHans Breuer
2007-05-16config.h.win32: Version number is now 0.96+svnSteffen Macke
2007-03-25Release 0.96Lars Clausen
2007-03-18Pre9Lars Clausen
2007-03-17Pre8: Three crash bugs fixed.Lars Clausen
2007-03-11Pre7: Crash bugs, image rendering, unit spinner fix.Lars Clausen
2007-03-06pre6Lars Clausen
2007-02-26Prerelease 5Lars Clausen
2007-02-08Patch for VDX, thus pre4Lars Clausen
2007-01-22Update to pre3: VDX v 0.8Lars Clausen
2007-01-21Version 0.96 pre2. Fixed datadir/libdir, fixed builds.Lars Clausen
2006-12-13Version 0.96 first prerelease updates, and some build fixes.DIA_0_96_PRE1Lars Clausen
2006-05-13[ also applied to branch dia-0-95 ] operate on a copy of data-SelectedHans Breuer
2006-04-19Final release 0.95Lars Clausen
2006-04-12pre9, xgettextDIA_0_95_PRE9Lars Clausen
2006-04-03pre8Lars Clausen
2006-03-28pre7DIA_0_95_PRE7Lars Clausen
2006-03-22pre6 commit, just a day late:)DIA_0_95_PRE6Lars Clausen
2006-03-12UML fixes, autogaps, security fixes, dia.spec move...DIA_0_95_PRE5Lars Clausen
2006-03-08Updates for pre4.DIA_0_95_PRE4Lars Clausen
2006-02-26pre3 updatesDIA_0_95_PRE3Lars Clausen
2006-02-22Update to pre2DIA_0_95_PRE2Lars Clausen
2006-02-120.95-pre1 updatesLars Clausen
2006-01-21also append the Input Methods menu to the diagram menubar. Now fixes bugHans Breuer
2005-06-18const correctness for stderr_message_internal gtk_toggle_*() functionsHans Breuer
2005-06-11mark as +cvs (should have been done directly after the 0.94 release)Hans Breuer
2004-10-30the namespace does *not* match the website anymore, i.e. sould remainHans Breuer
2004-08-19Version 0.94DIA_0_94Lars Clausen
2004-08-09Pre6 commitDIA_0_94_PRE6Lars Clausen
2004-08-03pre5DIA_0_94_PRE5Lars Clausen
2004-08-01Two fixes, and a new prereleaseDIA_0_94_PRE4Lars Clausen
2004-07-260.94-pre3DIA_0_94_PRE3Lars Clausen
2004-07-220.94-pre2 fixes taken from head and release branches.DIA_0_94_PRE2Lars Clausen
2004-07-11xpm->png, namespace fix, first rotation bits.Lars Clausen
2004-05-21Release #'sLars Clausen
2004-04-13Dia manual renamed. Ellipse fix. 0.92-pre2DIA_0_93_PRE3Lars Clausen
2004-03-20Version 0.93-pre1DIA_0_93_PRE1Lars Clausen
2004-01-19only call bind_textdomain_codeset when available, what's good for The GimpHans Breuer
2003-11-30+cvs on version. Text renderer caching starts.Lars Clausen
2003-11-02Brown Bag 0.92.2DIA_0_92_2Lars Clausen
2003-10-26Brown bag release 0.92.1DIA_0_92_1Lars Clausen
2003-10-20Release 0.92. New makefile, some updated help.Lars Clausen
2003-10-14pre[67]DIA_0_92_PRE7Lars Clausen
2003-09-28Font render thingy.DIA_0_92_PRE4Lars Clausen