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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-09-25image: remember mime-type from pixbuf loading to use it when savingHans Breuer
2014-09-14dox: update developer documentation for SVG renderersHans Breuer
2014-09-07[warningectomy] Unused variablesHans Breuer
2014-08-24Implement ShapeRenderer::draw_rounded_rect()Hans Breuer
2014-06-08DiaRenderer: refine set_linestyle to also contain dashlengthHans Breuer
2014-06-08DiaRenderer::draw_arc() and fill_arc() now preserving direction infoHans Breuer
2014-06-08Prepare DiaRenderer::draw_arc() to be refinedHans Breuer
2014-06-08svg: remove superfluous "fill:none" from style attributeHans Breuer
2014-05-02DiaRenderer: replace fill_polygon with extended draw_polygonHans Breuer
2014-04-27DiaRenderer: replace fill_rect with extended draw_rect methodHans Breuer
2014-04-27DiaRenderer: replace fill_polygon() with extended draw_polygon() methodHans Breuer
2014-04-26DiaRenderer: replace fill_bezier with draw_beziergon ...Hans Breuer
2014-04-21svg: implement DiaSvgRenderer::is_capable_to()Hans Breuer
2014-01-31Revert "Updated FSF's address"Daniel Mustieles
2014-01-31Updated FSF's addressDaniel Mustieles
2014-01-01[warningectomy] sprinkle xmlChar* castsHans Breuer
2014-01-01[gradient] svg round-trip (i.e. save what it loads)Hans Breuer
2013-08-25svg: set fill-rule also for polygon renderingHans Breuer
2013-08-04svg: write Dia's only fill-rule usedHans Breuer
2012-09-16Bug 568168 - also SVG can render holes, Shape should not.Hans Breuer
2012-07-21Reduce GUI coupling by passing DiaContext* down to lib/objects/plug-insHans Breuer
2012-07-21Remove SISSI from build, too.Hans Breuer
2012-04-08Bug 668587 - Double free() for some SVG renderingHans Breuer
2011-12-17Bug 665648 - SVG contains invalid CSS, font-size issue with FirefoxHans Breuer
2011-07-10Bug 598399 - PDF export landscape renderer regressionsHans Breuer
2011-06-26svg: export images inline if there is no filenameHans Breuer
2011-04-03Bug #591525 - fix opacitiy export of standard SVG rendererHans Breuer
2011-04-03Bug #591525 - Transparent objects by adding alpha to Color structureJason Childs
2010-08-01Bug 611299 - prefer relative image path for svg/shape exportHans Breuer
2010-05-15Bug 607655 - Arcs are badly exported (sometimes)Hans Breuer
2009-11-24Bug 602845 - '&' character disappears during SVG and Dia Shape exportHans Breuer
2009-10-23Bug #590369 - fix rounding to SVG colorHans Breuer
2009-02-07typedef _DiaImage DiaImage, i.e. make DiaImage follow the naming patternHans Breuer
2009-01-09declare dia_font_get_size() export it useHans Breuer
2008-12-09reduced use of long time deprecated functions ( Kjartan Maraas, bugHans Breuer
2008-04-25all DiaRenderer::draw_string() methods were leaking their text_line useHans Breuer
2007-10-13instead of throwing away the alignment information inHans Breuer
2007-09-12Lifeline improvements, fixes of bugs #471506 and #474882.Lars Clausen
2007-09-08based on analysis and patch by Dov Grobgeld the values written to SVGs areHans Breuer
2007-07-17Patch from Elie Roux that fixes a large number of compiler warningsSteffen Macke
2007-04-16Development during 0.96 code freeze: Units, multi-object properties, Lars Clausen
2007-01-14SVG text_line renderLars Clausen
2006-12-02Sample updated, units of measure inserted.Lars Clausen
2006-09-11Text line stuff.Lars Clausen
2005-04-07Decimal point fixesLars Clausen
2005-03-06avoid "assignment within conditional expression" and handle -L for theHans Breuer
2004-07-04a bunch of changes to make Dia compile with -std=c89. Mostly //-commentsHans Breuer
2004-03-03Warnings, destroy chainLars Clausen
2003-11-29SVG font size stuff, extra attributes example.Lars Clausen
2003-04-22Text align in SVG.Lars Clausen