path: root/lib/diasvgrenderer.h
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2014-06-08DiaRenderer: refine set_linestyle to also contain dashlengthHans Breuer
2014-06-08svg: remove superfluous "fill:none" from style attributeHans Breuer
2014-01-01[gradient] svg round-trip (i.e. save what it loads)Hans Breuer
2012-09-09[dox] The Big Doxgen-ificationHans Breuer
2007-09-08based on analysis and patch by Dov Grobgeld the values written to SVGs areHans Breuer
2003-11-29SVG font size stuff, extra attributes example.Lars Clausen
2002-10-08New diatypes header file.Lars Clausen
2002-10-06See also:Hans Breuer