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2014-01-31Revert "Updated FSF's address"Daniel Mustieles
2014-01-31Updated FSF's addressDaniel Mustieles
2012-07-22Unfork temporary NewOrthConnHans Breuer
2010-10-29[option-menu] Move DiaFontSelector in it's own file to tackle deprecationsHans Breuer
2003-08-20Adding connectionpoint to _move_handle.Lars Clausen
2002-09-25Improved the consistency of the obj->parent_layer backlinks (esp. duringCyrille Chepelov
2002-06-24using dia_font_new_from_style()Cyrille Chepelov
2002-06-22took into account some of Hans Breuer's remarks inCyrille Chepelov
2002-05-13removed render_objects from the build.DIA_0_90_RC1Cyrille Chepelov
2001-06-12extirped lazyprops from there tooCyrille Chepelov
2001-05-20four less objects, four more shapes. These were the last knownCyrille Chepelov
2001-05-18fix for SGI IRIX 6.2 (#53053, reported and fixed by <>)Cyrille Chepelov
2000-05-27add beziergon to toolbox.James Henstridge
2000-04-09add copyright messages to files.James Henstridge
2000-04-09added polyshape to dummy dependencies.James Henstridge
2000-04-09Several fixes, connection points.Lars Clausen
2000-02-04more fixes so that it doesn't crash when using properties. The undo/redoJames Henstridge
2000-01-26Temporary (hopefully) fork of orth_conn, but connpoint_line-based, so thatCyrille Chepelov
2000-01-25Added a bunch of macros for loading, saving and editing of properties (andCyrille Chepelov
1999-12-06The next few entries are from Peter Moulder <>:James Henstridge
1999-08-29fixed up shape namespace tag.James Henstridge
1999-07-17Large undo checkin + some i18n stuff.Alexander Larsson
1999-05-13Added ref to poly_conn.o.Alexander Larsson
1999-04-28Added reference so that widgets.o gets linked to the app.Alexander Larsson
1999-01-14Updated the copyright notice.Alexander Larsson
1998-08-31Initial revisionAlexander Larsson