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2014-01-31Revert "Updated FSF's address"Daniel Mustieles
2014-01-31Updated FSF's addressDaniel Mustieles
2009-07-07Focus::user_data was just duplicating Focus::textHans Breuer
2009-05-31Interface changes to pass modifiers to text_key_event()Hans Breuer
2007-12-03Text edit updates: Focus list and active focus as per-diagam, and some Lars Clausen
2006-01-22avoid circular inclusion dont include "object.h", "diatypes.h" is enough.Hans Breuer
2005-03-10Focus work.Lars Clausen
2004-08-30Text focus stuff.Lars Clausen
2004-05-21Moved changes from branch to trunk. 0.93 is hereby finalized, 0.94 is next.Lars Clausen
2002-10-08New diatypes header file.Lars Clausen
2002-09-08fixed a memory leak (char* ain't no std::auto_ptr<char> !).Cyrille Chepelov
2000-06-24same here.James Henstridge
1999-07-17Large undo checkin + some i18n stuff.Alexander Larsson
1999-06-24More UNDO/REDO work. Getting close now...Alexander Larsson
1999-01-14Updated the copyright notice.Alexander Larsson
1998-08-31Initial revisionAlexander Larsson