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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-09-13Fix build w/o ENABLE_NLSHans Breuer
2009-06-13Get rid of obsolete GNOME stuffHans Breuer
2002-09-23Killed most gcc-3.2 warnings (const-correctness and derived warnings,Cyrille Chepelov
2002-06-11Added forgotten libgnomeui-2.0 when --enable-gnomeCyrille Chepelov
2001-02-23#incude <config.h> at the top. Remove include of "config.h" since itKjartan Maraas
1999-08-31use the newer bezier API.James Henstridge
1999-08-29fixed up shape namespace tag.James Henstridge
1999-03-25app/app_procs.c app/commands.c app/defaults.c app/disp_callbacks.cFredrik Hallenberg