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2014-09-25cleanup: remove DiaObject::flags, add remove DiaObjectType::flagsHans Breuer
2014-04-27DiaRenderer: replace fill_rect with extended draw_rect methodHans Breuer
2014-04-26[transform] Recalculate layer extents in layer_replace_object_with_list()Hans Breuer
2014-01-31Revert "Updated FSF's address"Daniel Mustieles
2014-01-31Updated FSF's addressDaniel Mustieles
2013-12-14Initialize render_bounding_boxes from environment variableHans Breuer
2013-07-20Fix data emission for ungroup undoHans Breuer
2012-10-07Bug 600571 - Connections spanning layers can not be serializedHans Breuer
2012-10-03[dox] more documentation and improved groupingHans Breuer
2012-09-09[dox] The Big Doxgen-ificationHans Breuer
2012-06-23Improve layer_find_objects_containing_rectangle()Hans Breuer
2011-06-03Bug 651584 - Signal emissions for layer add/remove/change and updateHans Breuer
2011-04-03Bug #591525 - Transparent objects by adding alpha to Color structureJason Childs
2010-09-12[transform] interface changes to do transformations on the rendering levelHans Breuer
2009-06-28Move some functions from the former to the latterHans Breuer
2009-06-12Object add/remove signaled only once per diagram changeHans Breuer
2009-05-31Old DiagramTree ported to new change signaling mechanismHans Breuer
2009-05-31More accessors for DiagramData and LayerHans Breuer
2009-05-31Implement accessors for nth object/layer, more consistent APIHans Breuer
2009-01-18split the latter from the former to have more manageable pieces (one classHans Breuer
2009-01-18Copied remotely to split into two filesHans Breuer