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2014-08-03path: add binary path operations to <Selection> context menuHans Breuer
2014-04-21import: Implement DiaImportRenderer as a helper for further file importHans Breuer
2014-04-21[gradient] No editor, but pattern presetsHans Breuer
2013-12-24[gradient] add pattern standard propertyHans Breuer
2013-12-15[clang-cl] libs after LDFLAGSHans Breuer
2013-08-25[transform] Affine transformation for every rendererHans Breuer
2012-10-14[path] new DiaPathRendererHans Breuer
2012-10-03[substitute] new object 'Standard - Path'Hans Breuer
2012-10-03[restructuring] Bezier* start sharing codeHans Breuer
2012-08-19[gtk-deprecated] obsolete TableDialogHans Breuer
2012-07-22Unfork temporary NewOrthConnHans Breuer
2012-07-21Reduce GUI coupling by passing DiaContext* down to lib/objects/plug-insHans Breuer
2011-06-13Object alias definition via sheet fileHans Breuer
2011-04-17[gtk-deprecated] port to not deprecated and simplify widgets.cHans Breuer
2011-04-17Single configuration file for msvc build dependenciesHans Breuer
2010-10-29[option-menu] Move DiaFontSelector in it's own file to tackle deprecationsHans Breuer
2010-10-29[option-menu] Move DiaDynamicMenu in it's own file to tackle deprecationsHans Breuer
2010-10-24[option-menu] diaoptionmenu to get replace deprecated GtkOptionMenu useHans Breuer
2010-10-20Remove USE_NEWGROUP (unfinished and collision with transforms)Hans Breuer
2010-09-12[transform] std-prop matrix (load, save, some edit)Hans Breuer
2010-08-14New std-prop 'pixbuf': preparation of embedding image dataHans Breuer
2010-08-04Cleanup of some makefile.msc improving the signal noise ratioHans Breuer
2009-08-19Remove LDFLAGS overwrite to also work with WinDDK msvc, see readme.win32Hans Breuer
2009-05-03Remove empty files if generating them failsHans Breuer
2009-02-08add -DG_DISABLE_DEPRECATED s/g_strcasecmp/g_ascii_strcasecmp/Hans Breuer
2009-02-01allow to serialize meta info with every DiaObject - no UI to modify it yetHans Breuer
2009-01-18split the latter from the former to have more manageable pieces (one classHans Breuer
2009-01-09declare dia_font_get_size() export it useHans Breuer
2008-09-20global usage of GTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED broke this file with gtk+-2-14Hans Breuer
2008-07-18[ on the way to compile dia with GTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED ]Hans Breuer
2008-05-31new files containing the initialization code ... ... removed here ... ...Hans Breuer
2008-05-30[ Moved libart rendering and it's PNG export to a plug-in Not build onHans Breuer
2008-05-11moved to plug-ins/postscript/ps-utf8.[ch] updated accordinglyHans Breuer
2008-04-25remove registration of newgroup here use USE_NEWGROUP to conditionallyHans Breuer
2008-04-13 [currently unused: first step for property editor with GtkTreeView]Hans Breuer
2008-04-05allow plug-ins to create a menu path again. Does not yet work fopr theHans Breuer
2008-03-03compile units.c and ensure definition of GLIB_GEN_MARSHALHans Breuer
2007-05-16Include prefs.c #include <string.h> Added several preferences-relatedSteffen Macke
2007-04-12Use $(GLIB_GEN_MARSHAL), to be defined inSteffen Macke
2007-01-03enable strict checking again (-FImsvc_recommended_pragmas.h) to enforceHans Breuer
2006-09-23add missing #include "lib/parent.h"Hans Breuer
2006-06-15added file missing from 0.3 version commit. Fixes bug #344804Hans Breuer
2006-03-19unset transient, still issues with transient handling, see bug #332828Hans Breuer
2006-02-11nmake -f makefile.msc just compiles now make not using FT2 on win32 theHans Breuer
2005-12-27protect on_da_button_release_event() against being called twice. Also onlyHans Breuer
2005-03-06avoid "assignment within conditional expression" and handle -L for theHans Breuer
2005-03-05Fix the broken image install problem by using gdk-pibbuf-csource, bug 151746.Lars Clausen
2004-12-03removed dia_marshal_*, they are implemented as macros. addedHans Breuer
2004-11-26added Bug Buddy headers (as seen in planner). Hopefully the automaticallyHans Breuer
2004-05-23#include "message.h" lib/widgets.c : #include "persistence.h"Hans Breuer