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2014-01-31Revert "Updated FSF's address"Daniel Mustieles
2014-01-31Updated FSF's addressDaniel Mustieles
2014-01-19DiaContext* for data_add_*() and PropertyType_Save functionsHans Breuer
2012-09-09[dox] The Big Doxgen-ificationHans Breuer
2012-08-19[gtk-deprectaed] No more GTK_OBJECT ...Hans Breuer
2012-07-21Reduce GUI coupling by passing DiaContext* down to lib/objects/plug-insHans Breuer
2011-02-20information hiding: privatize Persistent* structsHans Breuer
2010-07-31[warningectomy] not handled in switchHans Breuer
2010-07-16Handle deprecations of gtk-2-18 and gtk-2-20Hans Breuer
2009-12-30[scan-build] Dead assignment and incrementHans Breuer
2009-04-05instead of trying to manage the open state of our windows 'by hand' justHans Breuer
2009-03-07move "Edit/Properties" to "File/Diagram Properties" as suggested by bugHans Breuer
2009-03-07updating/serializing window positions had issues, now hopefully fixed, bugHans Breuer
2009-02-08signed/unsigned mismatch different 'const' qualifiers constness doe notHans Breuer
2009-02-08[ warningectomy - about 40 left ] disable -Wunused, add a lot more useful,Hans Breuer
2009-02-01use g_hash_table_new_full() to get rid of a lot of g_warnings for doubleHans Breuer
2009-01-20use g_warning() instead of printf() for pathological cases, also don'tHans Breuer
2008-12-14allow to select a preferred export filter used when selecting exporter byHans Breuer
2008-12-09reduced use of long time deprecated functions ( Kjartan Maraas, bugHans Breuer
2008-05-31new files containing the initialization code ... ... removed here ... ...Hans Breuer
2008-03-09a bit more logic for window being closedHans Breuer
2008-03-09listen again to the configure-event and remove debug spew (the fix for bugHans Breuer
2007-12-09Fix of #501475: Closed window returns as open after restart.Lars Clausen
2007-07-17Patch from Elie Roux that fixes a large number of compiler warningsSteffen Macke
2007-06-02Patch for integrated UI, std line width, and a persistence crash.Lars Clausen
2007-04-16Development during 0.96 code freeze: Units, multi-object properties, Lars Clausen
2007-01-03before restoring window positions check if they are still in valid range.Hans Breuer
2006-02-04dont leak filename in case of not existing fileHans Breuer
2005-06-26[ Cyrille would call it: warningectomy :-]Hans Breuer
2004-11-26added Bug Buddy headers (as seen in planner). Hopefully the automaticallyHans Breuer
2004-11-06Diagram tree fix, print fixLars Clausen
2004-11-01Sheet name handling, hardening, patches.Lars Clausen
2004-10-09Arrow dynamic menu.Lars Clausen
2004-10-09dynamic menuLars Clausen
2004-07-17Compiler fixesLars Clausen
2004-07-04revert changing of Dia's XML namespace #define DIA_XML_NAME_SPACE_BASEHans Breuer
2004-07-01Homepage links fixLars Clausen
2004-06-07Leak fixing.Lars Clausen
2004-05-23#include "message.h" lib/widgets.c : #include "persistence.h"Hans Breuer
2004-05-21Moved changes from branch to trunk. 0.93 is hereby finalized, 0.94 is next.Lars Clausen