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2014-04-21std-props: use text_set_*() for property setting with tow offsetsHans Breuer
2014-01-31Revert "Updated FSF's address"Daniel Mustieles
2014-01-31Updated FSF's addressDaniel Mustieles
2014-01-19DiaContext* for data_add_*() and PropertyType_Save functionsHans Breuer
2012-10-14[restructuring] obsoletion of TextAttributes duplicationHans Breuer
2012-09-09Remove superfluous whitespaceHans Breuer
2012-07-21Reduce GUI coupling by passing DiaContext* down to lib/objects/plug-insHans Breuer
2011-04-03Bug #591525 - independence of color and alpha editingHans Breuer
2011-04-03Bug #591525 - Transparent objects by adding alpha to Color structureJason Childs
2010-10-29[option-menu] Move DiaFontSelector in it's own file to tackle deprecationsHans Breuer
2010-10-20Remove superfluous (redundant) fields from Property structHans Breuer
2009-03-28for 'multistring' connect to the 'change' signal of the TextBuffer ratherHans Breuer
2007-07-24More patch from Sameer: More signals, better proptypes.Lars Clausen
2007-04-19Fix signal handling and leaks, by Sameer.Lars Clausen
2005-06-18mention new file dialogHans Breuer
2004-10-10Color selector.Lars Clausen
2004-07-04a bunch of changes to make Dia compile with -std=c89. Mostly //-commentsHans Breuer
2004-05-21Moved changes from branch to trunk. 0.93 is hereby finalized, 0.94 is next.Lars Clausen
2004-02-29Use arrow preview instead of text labels. This involve moving awayHubert Figuiere
2004-02-14Arrow interface improvements.Lars Clausen
2002-10-06See also:Hans Breuer
2002-07-06added required files for win32 build to EXTRA_DISTHans Breuer
2002-06-22took into account some of Hans Breuer's remarks inCyrille Chepelov
2002-06-08Adapted for gtk2. Removed dependencies on libunicode, on iconv(), onCyrille Chepelov
2001-08-13added a call to prop_desc_list_calculate_quarks().Cyrille Chepelov
2001-08-13split in a lot of pieces:Cyrille Chepelov