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2014-01-31Revert "Updated FSF's address"Daniel Mustieles
2014-01-31Updated FSF's addressDaniel Mustieles
2013-12-24[gradient] add pattern standard propertyHans Breuer
2013-08-16Bug 667509 - Translator Context for "Round"Hans Breuer
2010-09-12[transform] std-prop matrix (load, save, some edit)Hans Breuer
2010-08-22[flowchart] : implement "text fitting" algorithmsHans Breuer
2010-08-14New std-prop 'pixbuf': preparation of embedding image dataHans Breuer
2009-11-07LineCaps and LineJoin switchable for Standard objectsHans Breuer
2009-02-01allow to serialize meta info with every DiaObject - no UI to modify it yetHans Breuer
2005-06-18const correctness for stderr_message_internal gtk_toggle_*() functionsHans Breuer
2004-02-29American seplling.Lars Clausen
2001-08-13split in a lot of pieces:Cyrille Chepelov
2001-08-04updated to reflect build-time dependencies.Cyrille Chepelov
2001-07-27minor clean-ups with the event delivery code.Cyrille Chepelov
2001-07-26spelling in property descriptors (name field...) ditto, plus a temporaryCyrille Chepelov
2001-07-25added delivery of events to the first member of the group which is able toCyrille Chepelov
2001-07-25Added (untested !) property event handler capability. Added a newCyrille Chepelov
2001-07-18Changed type Font to type DiaFont to allow use of X font struct.Lars Clausen
2001-07-04splitted prop_get_widget() into prop_get_widget() (gives a widget butCyrille Chepelov
2001-06-13added charconv_unichar_to_utf8 ("inspired" from libunicode's internals).Cyrille Chepelov
2001-06-13convenience macros around PROP_NOTEBOOKS ; new "eye candy" properties:Cyrille Chepelov
2001-06-12minor non-conformance with IEC-848 fixed (in the transition from step 100Cyrille Chepelov
2001-06-12removed lazyprops for standard props. removed lazyprops (phew !) dittoCyrille Chepelov
2001-06-11ditto (zap lazyprops). ditto.Cyrille Chepelov
2001-06-11zap lazyprops. ditto.Cyrille Chepelov
2001-06-11moved the definition of TextAttributes to sort #include order troubles.Cyrille Chepelov
2001-06-10a NULL point can be given to connpointline_adjust_count(), in case there'sCyrille Chepelov
2001-04-16remove the display idle handler in case we destroy the ddisplay (causedCyrille Chepelov
2001-04-16hack around gettext-0.10.36's new "features".Cyrille Chepelov
2001-04-10get rid of "no previous prototype fo oo'" by doing a s/T foo()/TCyrille Chepelov
2001-03-19rename from GNOME_Dia.oafinfo.James Henstridge
2001-02-23#incude <config.h> at the top. Remove include of "config.h" since itKjartan Maraas
2001-02-07per Vlad Harchev's request, made page sizes of gtk_adjustments differentCyrille Chepelov
2000-06-01added extra properties.James Henstridge
2000-04-21Hans's win32 patches:James Henstridge
2000-03-07set the position in the option menu correctly.James Henstridge
2000-03-02unset LINGUAS before running configure. This ensures that all translationsJames Henstridge
2000-02-20realize the parent window first.James Henstridge
2000-02-18set extra data for corner radius and text padding properties.James Henstridge
2000-02-14use property save routines. Make sure that any props not handled byJames Henstridge
2000-02-13use offset code to simplify property get/set routines.James Henstridge
2000-02-07new function. Return the intersection of the properties of the containedJames Henstridge
2000-02-04more fixes so that it doesn't crash when using properties. The undo/redoJames Henstridge
2000-02-03fixed up prototypes for new object methods.James Henstridge
2000-02-01added object functions describe_props, get_props and set_props. Do typeJames Henstridge
2000-01-29don't add flags to CFLAGS unconditionally. Instead, check to see if the CJames Henstridge