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2014-04-27DiaRenderer: replace fill_polygon() with extended draw_polygon() methodHans Breuer
What started with draw_beziergon() is continued with draw_polygon(): merge two calls into one to get rid of superfluous drawing commands and arbitrary object splits. Given that fill_polygon was a required method now draw_polygon is. So it was implemented more often than fill_bezier To reduce the risk of breaking file formats not yet tested the following pattern is introduced: - rename draw_polygon to stroke_polygon - keep fill_polygon as local function - make new draw_polygon call one or both for fill and stroke parameter As a result the output of these exporters wont change at all. Not optimized are: MetaPost, LibArt, XFig, VDX, Also not optimized, but more simple are: PGF, PS, PSTricks and Skia Optimized to fill and stroke in one step are: WPG, PyDia, WMF, CGM, DRS, cairo, SVG, Shape, GDK, HPGL(kind of;)) and DXF(as limited as before) Fully optimized shape rendering for: AADL, Custom, KAOS, Standard, Flowchart, Network, ER, Chronogram, UML - i.e. all programmed objects
2011-12-22Added Esperanto to the win32 build/installer.Steffen Macke
2011-01-28Reflecting translation updates for the win32 installer.Steffen Macke
2010-11-07[gtk-deprecated] Get rid of some GdkPixmap and all GtkTypeHans Breuer
2010-10-06Less noise during 'nmake -f makefile.msc' (by -nologo)Hans Breuer
2009-11-09Added Southern Catalan to win32 build.Steffen Macke
2009-08-24Include PGF plugin in win32 build and installer.Steffen Macke
2009-08-16Fixed nmake warning for full build.Steffen Macke
2009-08-15Comment to indicate that the bindings folder should be omitted when building ↵Steffen Macke
on win32 without Python.
2009-08-12Clarified how to build without Python supportSteffen Macke
2009-05-05Add Marathi (mr) to win32 build and installer.Steffen Macke
2009-05-01Deploy custom_lines.dll and Database.dll. Reflect XPM deletions in installer.Steffen Macke
2009-04-23For win32 build, add kn to ALL_LINGUASSteffen Macke
2009-04-21 * makefile.msc: Adjustments for libart.dll, deploye diaw.exeSteffen Macke
* installer/win32/dia.nsi: Remove drs.dll for the time being, re-add libart.dll, adjust for current libart 2.3.20 DLL from
2009-04-15cairo, drs, locale build fixes Various updates for 0.97-pre3Steffen Macke
2009-04-15 Steffen Macke <> * makefile.msc: cairo, drs, locale build fixes * dia.nsi: Various updates for 0.97-pre3 svn path=/trunk/; revision=4384
2009-03-01Fixed typo (dia.exe was copied to dia-app.dll when doing "make full")Steffen Macke
* makefile.msc: Fixed typo (dia.exe was copied to dia-app.dll when doing "make full") svn path=/trunk/; revision=4300
2009-02-16Various small updates Use Python 2.3 instead of 2.2 Consequent use ofSteffen Macke
* installer/win32/dia.nsi: Various small updates * installer/win32/locale/*.nsh: Use Python 2.3 instead of 2.2 * makefile.msc: Consequent use of build/win32 svn path=/trunk/; revision=4291
2009-01-18while playing with "All Objects" I've got "connection point %d does notHans Breuer
2009-01-18 Hans Breuer <> * app/load_save.c(read_connections) : while playing with "All Objects" I've got "connection point %d does not exists", now I get the more useful "connection point 14 does not exist on 'SISSI - area'" Also there was some flaw with the wants_update calculation. * makefile.msc lib/libdia.def : build the unit test on win32, too. svn path=/trunk/; revision=4207
2008-11-30Create *.mo files in build/win32 Reflect documentation updatesSteffen Macke
2008-11-30 Steffen Macke <> * makefile.msc: Create *.mo files in build/win32 * installer/win32/dia.nsi: Reflect documentation updates svn path=/trunk/; revision=4147
2008-11-15Small script to generate the installer FAQ file from the WikiSteffen Macke
* makefile.msc: * installer/win32/dia.nsi: * installer/win32/wikifaq2installerfaq.sed: Small script to generate the installer FAQ file from the Wiki svn path=/trunk/; revision=4139
2008-10-12Small updates to sync makefile with compilation guideSteffen Macke
svn path=/trunk/; revision=4123
2008-04-08Removed --use-fuzzy option from msgfmt call, updated ALL_LINGUASSteffen Macke
svn path=/trunk/; revision=3929
2007-10-28Move of icons, undo/redo ghosting.Lars Clausen
svn path=/trunk/; revision=3838
2007-10-06integrated bindings in the buildHans Breuer
2007-10-06 Hans Breuer <> * makefile.msc bindings/makefile.msc : integrated bindings in the build svn path=/trunk/; revision=3799
2007-02-12added text_get_line_strlen delete config.h on cleanHans Breuer
2007-02-12 Hans Breuer <> * lib/libdia.def : added text_get_line_strlen * makefile.msc : delete config.h on clean * plug-ins/python/pydia-property.c : allow to set sting properties with unicode svn path=/trunk/; revision=3615
2006-02-11nmake -f makefile.msc just compiles now make not using FT2 on win32 theHans Breuer
2006-02-11 Hans Breuer <> * makefile.msc : nmake -f makefile.msc just compiles now * app/makefile.msc lib/makefile.msc : make not using FT2 on win32 the default (works around bug #150813 by diabaling it) * objects/makefile.msc plug-ins/makefile.msc : remove -GD from $(CC) command line. It isn't understood by newer versions of cl. * app/authors.h : reflect the recent maintainers change * app/display.c app/load_save.c : removed debug spew * app/winmain.c : improved redirection
2004-12-31Added XML prolog Added libxslt, fixed libxml, libartSteffen Macke
* doc/pl/*.xml: Added XML prolog * makefile.msc: Added libxslt, fixed libxml, libart
2004-08-28added bs to ALL_LINGUAS; adjusted .mo file creation toSteffen Macke
allow separate installer component "Translations"
2004-08-26using /subsystem:windows again updated ALL_LINGUASSteffen Macke
* app/makefile.msc: using /subsystem:windows again * makefile.msc: updated ALL_LINGUAS
2004-07-10Updated link to compilation guideSteffen Macke
2004-01-19updated for new GAIM-like installer build; sync'ed ALL_LINGUAS withSteffen Macke
* makefile.msc: updated for new GAIM-like installer build; sync'ed ALL_LINGUAS with
2003-09-28added po target to updated the *.mo filesSteffen Macke
2003-02-01preparing 0.91-pre1 release on windowsSteffen Macke
2003-01-19added GDK_PIXBUF_LIBS in order to create pixbuf.dll copying all objectsSteffen Macke
* added GDK_PIXBUF_LIBS in order to create pixbuf.dll * copying all objects and plug-ins into the build folder now
2003-01-03simple makefile to create necessary fileSteffen Macke
structure for running dia win32