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2015-12-11Fixed Typos in translatable strings (Bug #753209) antialised -> antialiased O...Armin Eibl
2015-01-24Fix 'make distcheck' after Sozi integrationHans Breuer
2015-01-22Bug 743372 - Chronogram: Use font-color from properties to draw_string()Hans Breuer
2015-01-22Fix SOZI_PATH specific code.Paul Chavent
2015-01-16[gtk-deprecated] ArrayProp editor now handles enum changesHans Breuer
2015-01-16Fix Sozi presentation objects.Paul Chavent
2015-01-11Add Sozi presentation objects.Paul Chavent
2015-01-11Fix relative path handling with Windows root directoriesHans Breuer
2015-01-11[unit test] fix mismatch between PropDescription and PropOffsetHans Breuer
2015-01-11uml: update 'UML - Activity' to have main pointHans Breuer
2014-11-07[transform] Fix "Standard - Image" state update with rotateHans Breuer
2014-11-02[cleanup] more use of element_update_connections_rectangle()Hans Breuer
2014-11-02[transform] initial rotation support for "Standard - Image"Hans Breuer
2014-10-09[transform] text rotation for "Standard - Text"Hans Breuer
2014-10-09[cleanup] remove stale prototypesHans Breuer
2014-10-04[warningectomy] more format issues with dia_assert_true()Hans Breuer
2014-10-04[warningectomy] unused function 'goal_create_change'Hans Breuer
2014-10-04[warningectomy] implicit conversion from enumeration type DiaSvgLineDefaultsHans Breuer
2014-10-01[warningectomy] format string is not a string literalHans Breuer
2014-10-01[warningectomy] unused const variableHans Breuer
2014-10-01[transform] svg: more transformation support for Standard objectsHans Breuer
2014-10-01[cleanup] remove superfluous prototype and commentHans Breuer
2014-09-25image: fix 'Standard - Image' set_props() for pixbuf changesHans Breuer
2014-09-25cleanup: remove DiaObject::flags, add remove DiaObjectType::flagsHans Breuer
2014-09-14[cleanup] Make DiaObject::enclosing_box an optional pointerHans Breuer
2014-09-07[warningectomy] initialization from incompatible pointer typeHans Breuer
2014-09-07[warningectomy] missing braces around initializerHans Breuer
2014-09-07[warningectomy] Unused variablesHans Breuer
2014-09-05[scan-build] Dead increment (harmless)Hans Breuer
2014-09-05[scan-build] Dead initialization (harmless)Hans Breuer
2014-08-24Make old "Standard - Bus" an alias in sheet, rather than codeHans Breuer
2014-08-24custom: restore default to only grow the box with textHans Breuer
2014-08-24custom: fix typos and whitespace usageHans Breuer
2014-08-24[substitute] Standard - ZigZagLine: keep points in rangeHans Breuer
2014-08-03[substitute] remove Standard object specific "Convert to Path" againHans Breuer
2014-08-03Bug 732077 - Flowchart object are not resizable (by default)Hans Breuer
2014-06-09[scan-build] Result of operation is garbage or undefined (not really)Hans Breuer
2014-06-08Bug 108770 - text_margin allows to attach text with some distanceHans Breuer
2014-06-08Let substitute also preserve patternHans Breuer
2014-06-08DiaRenderer: refine set_linestyle to also contain dashlengthHans Breuer
2014-06-08DiaRenderer::draw_arc() and fill_arc() now preserving direction infoHans Breuer
2014-06-08Misc - Ngon: special handling for Hexagram and moreHans Breuer
2014-06-08Misc - Ngon: add density parameter for mote star variantsHans Breuer
2014-06-08Misc - Ngon: new object for regular polygon or starHans Breuer
2014-06-08Prepare DiaRenderer::draw_arc() to be refinedHans Breuer
2014-06-08standard: further optimization of DiaRenderer callsHans Breuer
2014-05-02DiaRenderer: replace fill_polygon with extended draw_polygonHans Breuer
2014-04-27DiaRenderer: replace fill_rounded_rect with extended draw_rounded_rectHans Breuer
2014-04-27DiaRenderer: replace fill_rect with extended draw_rect methodHans Breuer
2014-04-27DiaRenderer: replace fill_polygon() with extended draw_polygon() methodHans Breuer