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2014-06-08DiaRenderer: refine set_linestyle to also contain dashlengthHans Breuer
2014-05-02DiaRenderer: replace fill_polygon with extended draw_polygonHans Breuer
2014-04-27DiaRenderer: replace fill_rect with extended draw_rect methodHans Breuer
2014-04-27DiaRenderer: replace fill_polygon() with extended draw_polygon() methodHans Breuer
2014-04-06build: fix most 'INCLUDES' is the old name for 'AM_CPPFLAGS'Hans Breuer
2014-01-31Revert "Updated FSF's address"Daniel Mustieles
2014-01-31Updated FSF's addressDaniel Mustieles
2014-01-19DiaContext* for data_add_*() and PropertyType_Save functionsHans Breuer
2014-01-19Give DiaContext* to more save functionsHans Breuer
2014-01-02[cleanup] Get rid of ConnectionPoint::last_posHans Breuer
2013-05-04[warningectomy] passing argument from incompatible pointer typeHans Breuer
2012-07-21Reduce GUI coupling by passing DiaContext* down to lib/objects/plug-insHans Breuer
2010-09-04mingw: object plug-ins as shared libariesFridrich Štrba
2010-08-15[autorouting] Fix obviously wrong direction infoHans Breuer
2009-12-29[scan-build] Dead assignmentHans Breuer
2009-04-13remove accidentally committed .gitignoreDIA_0_97_PRE3Hans Breuer
2009-04-13updated for dia-0.97-pre3Hans Breuer
2008-07-19when building debug also define GTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATEDHans Breuer
2007-10-20finally there is proper group properties handling thanks to patches fromHans Breuer
2007-08-09Fix of bug #447094, use PROP_FLAG_NO_DEFAULTS to allow use of the Lars Clausen
2007-06-02Patch for integrated UI, std line width, and a persistence crash.Lars Clausen
2007-05-04Patch from Sameer: Use right type for stdtext.Lars Clausen
2007-04-16Development during 0.96 code freeze: Units, multi-object properties, Lars Clausen
2005-07-18More filename message fun, and better handling of old orthconn's autorouting..Lars Clausen
2005-03-17Central points being added.Lars Clausen
2004-05-21Moved changes from branch to trunk. 0.93 is hereby finalized, 0.94 is next.Lars Clausen
2004-03-18Arrows,ER,scrollkeeper.Lars Clausen
2003-08-20Adding connectionpoint to _move_handle.Lars Clausen
2003-08-14Directions for connection points.Lars Clausen
2003-08-11Check null font before unreffing, when applicable.Lars Clausen
2003-07-31Autoroute required binary compatibility change. Return vals updated.Lars Clausen
2003-05-11add window position persitenceHans Breuer
2003-04-24Fixed typo setting initial height to DEFAULT_WIDTH.Lars Clausen
2003-04-21Autoroute all over the place.Lars Clausen
2002-10-06See also:Hans Breuer
2002-09-09Check for both pangoft2 (using PKG_CHECK_MODULES, as before) andTor Lillqvist
2002-08-01Removing unnecessary GTK references.Lars Clausen
2002-07-06added required files for win32 build to EXTRA_DISTHans Breuer
2002-06-23using dia_font_new_from_style()Cyrille Chepelov
2002-06-23using dia_font_new_from_style()Cyrille Chepelov
2002-06-22one who expects a text's font to be changed shall actually request theCyrille Chepelov
2002-06-22took into account some of Hans Breuer's remarks inCyrille Chepelov
2002-06-08*/*.c */*/*.c : remove all the #ifdef *_UTF8_* hell, only keep the utf-8Hans Breuer
2002-05-18Text size change.Lars Clausen
2002-03-15added UNICODE_CFLAGSSteffen Macke
2002-03-07save a font property. (attribute_load): load a font property, and if can'tAkira TAGOH
2002-02-26add related text properties. (function_get_props), (function_set_props):Akira TAGOH
2002-01-30use utfchar instead of char for structure. (relationship_create): nameAkira TAGOH
2002-01-29fixed malloc size. it was my careless mistake...Akira TAGOH
2001-08-13split in a lot of pieces:Cyrille Chepelov