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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-01-18[xmllint --dtdvalid doc/shape.dtd shapes/**/*.shape >/dev/null] removedHans Breuer
2008-03-16removed all those obsolete XPMHans Breuer
2005-05-12New midpoints in middle of bbLars Clausen
2005-04-21Modified shapes to have midpoints.Lars Clausen
2004-07-18icons in png format Partial fixup of stuff broken with the followingHans Breuer
2004-07-11xpm->png, namespace fix, first rotation bits.Lars Clausen
2001-04-03renamed all SDL shapes to conform to the "$LIBRARY - $NAME" convention.Cyrille Chepelov
2000-10-12app/app_procs.c app/commands.c app/dia-props.c app/diagram.c app/diagram.hFredrik Hallenberg
2000-10-04Fix up svg namespace for new shapes.James Henstridge
2000-10-04add SDL shapes from Rubens Ramos <>James Henstridge