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2015-12-11Fixed Typos in translatable strings (Bug #753209) antialised -> antialiased O...Armin Eibl
2015-01-11Add Sozi presentation objects.Paul Chavent
2014-09-07Bug 735427 - removed mirrored Cisco shapes and iconsHans Breuer
2014-08-24Make old "Standard - Bus" an alias in sheet, rather than codeHans Breuer
2014-06-15[cleanup] remove EML.sheet.inHans Breuer
2014-06-08Misc - Ngon: new object for regular polygon or starHans Breuer
2014-01-31Revert "Updated FSF's address"Daniel Mustieles
2014-01-31Updated FSF's addressDaniel Mustieles
2013-12-17[diagram-as-object] Misc - NewGroup is gone, welcome Misc - DiagramHans Breuer
2013-08-18Fixed black light shape reference.Steffen Macke
2013-07-20Removed reference to nonexistant object "Cisco - WiSM"Steffen Macke
2013-07-19Removed reference to noexistant shape.Steffen Macke
2013-07-14Removed nonexistant object "KAOS - operation"Steffen Macke
2012-08-23Improved shape export, allows to draw connection points with special shapes.Steffen Macke
2012-07-21Remove SISSI from build, too.Hans Breuer
2011-06-13Bug 598969 - Fix typo in shape name "Geometric - Isosceles Triangle"Hans Breuer
2011-06-13Bug 567886 - "CISCO - Pad" was renamed to "CISCO - Pad X.28"Hans Breuer
2011-02-06Bug 641184 - two new xtal shapes by Josef Moellers <>Steffen Macke
2010-07-31Bug 612432 - Capitalisation fixesPhilip Withnall
2010-07-31Bug 612431 - Hyphenation fixesPhilip Withnall
2010-07-31Bug 612430 - Miscellaneous string fixesPhilip Withnall
2010-07-31Bug 611704 - Use Unicode characters in translatable stringsPhilip Withnall
2010-01-18Bug 607329 - fixed Fresnel typo in Lights sheetSteffen Macke
2009-05-03My last attempt to fix SISSI resulting in removal from installationHans Breuer
2009-04-25Bug #580215 - there were a lot of superfluous xpm installedHans Breuer
2009-04-17Initial set of .gitignore filesHans Breuer
2009-04-13remove accidentally committed .gitignoreDIA_0_97_PRE3Hans Breuer
2009-04-13updated for dia-0.97-pre3Hans Breuer
2009-01-31patch from Don Blaheta adding a Grid object, bug #534118Hans Breuer
2009-01-02Patch from Sameer D. Sahasrabuddhe fixing bug #565720 En passant fixingHans Breuer
2008-05-26don't rely on shortcut evaluation working with the preprocessor, fixes bugHans Breuer
2008-05-24Standard icon size 22x22Steffen Macke
2008-05-23Standard icon size 22x22Steffen Macke
2008-05-22Fixed XML problem that prevented the object from being usedSteffen Macke
2008-05-21Standard icon size 22x22.Steffen Macke
2008-05-19Standard icon size 22x22.Steffen Macke
2008-05-18Standard icon size 22x22Steffen Macke
2008-05-18Standard icon size 22x22Steffen Macke
2008-05-10a new object to measure and show the distance between two connectionHans Breuer
2008-04-27desired icon size is 22x22Hans Breuer
2008-03-16removed all those obsolete XPMHans Breuer
2008-03-04removed almost 7 years being disabled is enough adaptedHans Breuer
2007-10-20new database table relation shapes by Petr Novotnik - bug #397688 -Hans Breuer
2007-10-20patch from Thomas Harding adding the shapes to simplify construction ofHans Breuer
2007-08-11Added Pressure Relief Valve shape, fix bug 439842Steffen Macke
2007-08-10Better default sheet, light sheet update, removal of assertion.Lars Clausen
2007-08-09New sheet with lighting shapes, and a few fixes in the french manual.Lars Clausen
2007-07-22Fixed typos mentioned in bug report 452838Steffen Macke
2007-06-10Replaced French terms with English onesSteffen Macke
2007-06-10Translating things from French to EnglishSteffen Macke