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2008-06-29[Patch from Thomas Harding fixing help generation for non-gnome case]Hans Breuer
2008-06-29 Hans Breuer <> [Patch from Thomas Harding fixing help generation for non-gnome case] * xmldocs.make : without gnome install to $(helpdocdir) * : initialize HAVE_XSLTPROC * hardcopies.make : conditionalize on HAVE_GNOME svn path=/trunk/; revision=4079
2008-06-22[Patch from Thomas Harding improving the documentation generation] movedHans Breuer
2008-06-22 Hans Breuer <> [Patch from Thomas Harding improving the documentation generation] * doc/*/hardcopies.makefile : moved to $(top) directory * hardcopies.make : now uses dblatex or fallback on jw (jade/openjade wrapper). * doc/*/README.hardcopies : removed, now handled by configure * : check for and do documentation generation when given --with-hardbooks * doc/**/*.xml : dropping HTML entities, making dia-1.xml independent from dia-cmdline.xml, dropping file extension from graphics * doc/*dia-dbk-to-chapter.sed: removed leftovers from previous doc patch (was too fragile) * doc/html/images/caution.svg doc/html/images/important.svg doc/html/images/note.svg doc/html/images/tip.svg doc/html/images/prev.svg doc/html/images/home.svg doc/html/images/next.svg doc/html/images/warning.svg doc/html/images/up.svg doc/html/css/dia.css: new files - images for admonitions and callouts (for html version) * doc/fr/dia.xml: switched encoding to utf8 (more versatile for inexperienced maintainers (needs no entities for specific glyphs such as ISO entity "oelig" or "laquo"...) * doc/pl/*.xml: updated some from *.sgml, corrected encoding to iso-8859-2. Corrected graphics "filetype" attribute to uppercase "PNG". * Adding Changelog-tmp, which may be dropped at any time. * doc/*/dia-*.omf: make indexation really works with scrollkeeper (which extends omf format). Now yelp shows dia manual in its TOC/whatever. * doc/(en|fr)/dia-cmdline.xml : added from my working copy, not sure where it came from ;) The 'fr' version needs translation. * doc/ : temporary disabled due to build problems * doc/*/*.dia : svn mv doc/en/dia.dia ../samples/Self/ svn rm fr/dia.dia - there is no relation to the rest of docs * doc/hardcopies.make : don't (un)install-examples svn path=/trunk/; revision=4070
2008-03-04ooops, was not built anymore;)geditHans Breuer
2008-03-04 Hans Breuer <> * objects/standard/ : ooops, was not built anymore;)gedit [autobreak trial and error - finally makes 'make distcheck' pass] * bindings/ : dont try to install anything * data/ : add dia-splash.png to EXTRA_DIST * doc/en/ : add dia-dbk-to-chapter.sed to EXTRA_DIST * xmldocs.make : s/docdir/helpdocdir/ * po/POTFILES.(in|skip) : updated svn path=/trunk/; revision=3894
2007-08-09Adding french manual.Lars Clausen
svn path=/trunk/; revision=3741
2005-04-11Doc install fixLars Clausen
2004-03-20Version 0.93-pre1DIA_0_93_PRE1Lars Clausen
2004-03-17xmldox.makeLars Clausen