BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
master[mod_proxy] fix segfault in Set-Cookie reverse map (fixes #2879)Glenn Strauss3 years
wehack-devfix...Iru Cai2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-03-22[mod_proxy] fix segfault in Set-Cookie reverse map (fixes #2879)HEADmasterGlenn Strauss
2018-03-18[core] fix rare race condition from backends (fixes #2878)Glenn Strauss
2018-03-17[core] minor code cleanup in gw_recv_response()Glenn Strauss
2018-03-17[mod_magnet] fix regression in lighty.stat (fixes #2877)Glenn Strauss
2018-03-15[core] fix crash if 'host' empty in config (fixes #2876)Glenn Strauss
2018-03-13[mod_extforward] allow explict IPs to be untrusted (#2860)Glenn Strauss
2018-03-11- next is 1.4.50Glenn Strauss
2018-03-11[doc] NEWSGlenn Strauss
2018-03-11[core] fix incorrect hash algorithm implGlenn Strauss
2018-03-11[mod_auth] check that digest realm matches configGlenn Strauss