path: root/distro/debian
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-02debian 10.10Iru Cai
2020-11-02debian 10.6.0 and 32 bit versionsIru Cai
2020-07-01replace "$ISOPATH/$ISOFILE" with "${ISO_FILEPATH}" in install_liveIru Cai
2020-06-29update distro isoIru Cai
2020-03-21update debian, mint, pureosIru Cai
2019-02-19debian 9.8.0Iru Cai
2018-12-28a common hashfile verify functionIru Cai
2018-12-06distro/debian: fix file name of kernel imagesIru Cai
2018-12-06distro/debian: update to 9.6.0Iru Cai
2018-03-10config file $HOME/.liveusb-builder, move isofiles to $ISOPATHIru Cai
2016-09-23Debian: update to 8.6.0Iru Cai
2016-09-14distro: add support for DebianIru Cai