BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterupdate arch to 2020.08.01Iru Cai9 weeks
2019.11liveusb-builder-2019.11.tar.xz  Iru Cai11 months
2019.03liveusb-builder-2019.03.tar.xz  Iru Cai19 months
2019.01liveusb-builder-2019.01.tar.xz  Iru Cai21 months
2018.12liveusb-builder-2018.12.tar.xz  Iru Cai22 months
2018.09liveusb-builder-2018.09.tar.xz  Iru Cai2 years
2018.07liveusb-builder-2018.07.tar.xz  Iru Cai2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-08-01update arch to 2020.08.01HEADmasterIru Cai
2020-07-01add get_iso_label function which is useful for some iso filesIru Cai
2020-07-01replace "$ISOPATH/$ISOFILE" with "${ISO_FILEPATH}" in install_liveIru Cai
2020-06-30skip the ROOTPATH umount if BOOTPATH is the same as ROOTPATHIru Cai
2020-06-29README: some clarification, add Ventoy as related projectIru Cai
2020-06-29README: update and add VM install methodIru Cai
2020-06-29update distro isoIru Cai
2020-04-02update arch, hyperbola kaliIru Cai
2020-04-02fix MX Linux entry, update systemrescuecd, xubuntuIru Cai
2020-03-21update debian, mint, pureosIru Cai