AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-17DW01 - Release [DW01AR16]k_prj_masterraywu
2019-01-17DW01 - Fixed COM Port will not be disable normally (still appeared under Wind...raywu
2019-01-02DW01 - Release [DW01AR15]raywu
2019-01-02DW01 - Fixed : PS2 Mouse Compatible Issue (will cause system hang up at POST ...raywu
2018-12-13DW01 - Release [DW01AR14]raywu
2018-12-13Included RAY_LOCAL_DEBUGraywu
2018-12-13DW01 - Spec. Changed - Hide Some Options for "Secondary IGFX Boot Display"raywu
2018-12-13DW01 - Adjust Setup Menu Layoutraywu
2018-12-13DW01 - Dynamic Refresh FixBootOrder Setup Itemsraywu
2018-12-13DW01 - Re-define OnlyBootHdd Conditionraywu
2018-12-13DW01 - Supported FixedBootOrder Moduleraywu
2018-11-23DW01 - Release [DW01AR13]raywu
2018-11-23DW01 - Support WDT Functionraywu
2018-11-23DW01 - Spec. Changed : BIOS Default Modificationsraywu
2018-11-23DW01 - Do Not Support Jack Detection : Verb Table Modificationraywu
2018-11-23DW01 - Do Not Support Jack Detection : Commit Audio Verb Configurationsraywu
2018-11-23DW01 - Restore AC Power Loss default as ONraywu
2018-11-23DW01 - Support Full Screen Logoraywu
2018-11-23DW01 - Add Customer's Logoraywu
2018-11-23DW01 - Add Customer's Requestraywu
2018-11-07DW01 - Release [DW01AR12]raywu
2018-11-07DW01 - Release [DW01AT13] : Changed F81216D to 0x4E/0x4F , 0x67raywu
2018-11-01DW01 - Release [DW01AR11]raywu
2018-11-01DW01 - Spec. Changed : Security String Changedraywu
2018-10-31DW01 - Release [DW01AT12]raywu
2018-10-31DW01 - Re-arrange USB Per Port Setup Optionraywu
2018-10-30DW01 - Release [DW01AT11]raywu
2018-10-30DW01 - DPtoVGA as Primary in Dual Displayraywu
2018-10-30DW01 - Rearrange Setup Menu (Graphics Configuration) / DPtoVGA as Primary in ...raywu
2018-10-30DW01 - POST Logo Delayed Display / Fixed Setup String Lostraywu
2018-10-30DW01 - Support RTC Wake from S5raywu
2018-10-30DW01 - Support Legacy LAN PXE Boot / Move Setup Option to Boot Pageraywu
2018-10-30DW01 - Add Customer Request Listraywu
2018-10-08Release [DW01AR10]raywu
2018-09-27Release [DW01AR06]raywu
2018-09-27Patched : System Reboot Test Failed (only under Windows 7)raywu
2018-09-17Release [DW01AR03]raywu
2018-09-17F81216 ISA/PCI IRQ Share Mode Controlraywu
2018-09-14Commit Files for [DW01AR02]raywu
2018-09-14Commit Files for [DW01AR02]raywu
2018-09-14Release [DW01AR02] - Fixed SLP2.0raywu
2018-09-14Release [DW01AR01]raywu
2018-09-14SMBIOS / SLP2.0 / IDE Mode / BIOS Name / Legacy Security Stringraywu
2018-09-14Release [SZPRJM0B]raywu
2018-09-14BIOS Custom Doneraywu
2018-09-13SLP1.0 / SLP2.0 / Default Password / Logo / Fix Boot Orderraywu
2018-09-04PCIe ASPM : Disabledraywu
2018-09-03Spec. Document - Custom Request / SLP / LOGOraywu
2018-09-03Spec. Document - Custom Request / SLP / LOGOraywu
2018-07-13Release [SZPRJM0A]raywu