bitbucketmy bitbucket vimacs3 years
chingnux/devel-docchingnux docs for developers vimacs17 months
corebootSome coreboot project code with my work vimacs
coreboot-talkMy presentation on coreboot vimacs2 years
dissertationmy master dissertation vimacs17 months
fqtermA Telnet/SSH BBS client written in C++ and Qt vimacs3 months
gnulinux-bookAn introductory book on computer application, based on GNU/Linux vimacs2 years
iogameIO wargames @ vimacs2 years
lighttpdlighttpd 1.4 vimacs2 years
liveusb-builderA script suite to create multiboot USB stick for GNU/Linux distributions vimacs3 weeks
matrix-curlMatrix client implemented in C vimacs2 years
matrix-synapse-scriptsscripts to maintain a Matrix homeserver vimacs2 years
pkulib-dlDownload dissertations from PKU library vimacs2 years
project_eulerMy Project Euler ( solution code vimacs2 years
reverse-docslides on reverse engineering vimacs23 months
rich4reverse engineering rich4 vimacs23 months
rich4.r2radare2 files for the rich4 project vimacs23 months
uext4U-Boot ext4 filesystem implementation vimacs12 months
usacoUSACO exercise vimacs3 years