BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
hitsbstill cannot run fence+ift...Iru Cai3 years
invisispec-with-diftAdd SPEC06 run script with my configurationsIru Cai3 years
is-iftfix nameIru Cai3 years
is-ift-cachehittry not expose if L1 hitIru Cai3 years
is-rebase06-RequestPtrRequest::getVaddr()Iru Cai3 years
is-rebase07-GCC8Request::getVaddr()Iru Cai3 years
is-rebase10-DynInstPtrRequest::getVaddr()Iru Cai3 years
is-rebase11-LSQUnitfix getvaddr nullptr stuff, add a non-spec load printingIru Cai3 years
is-rebase12attack code and exp scriptIru Cai3 years
simple-object-demolearning-gem5: timing readIru Cai2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-05-12still cannot run fence+ift...hitsbIru Cai
2019-05-12finally runs dhrystoneIru Cai
2019-05-12only spec load when hitIru Cai
2019-05-11try not expose if L1 hitis-ift-cachehitIru Cai
2019-05-07set cache latencyIru Cai
2019-04-22fix the violation checking for IFT+fenceIru Cai
2019-04-17add a test scriptIru Cai
2019-04-17fix allowSpecBuffHit and trackBranch optionsIru Cai
2019-04-17add a trackBranch optionIru Cai
2019-04-17IFT for fence schemeIru Cai